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Arkansas Auto Transport Services

Moving to Arkansas can be a big hassle if you’re driving your car. And, the same goes for relocating from Arkansas to another state of country. The land known as The Natural State is filled with valleys, mountains, flowing plains and thick forests. If you’re not familiar with the apple blossom territory, things could go horribly wrong. That’s why it’s better to transport your car instead.

Auto Shipping Services in Arkansas

The Arkansas Lowlands are more well-known as the Delta and the Grand Prairie. The land along the Mississippi River is referred to as the “Delta,” and it gets this name from the formation of the soil formed from the flooding of the Mississippi River. The Grand Prairie is somewhat away from the Mississippi River, calling the southeast part of the state home, and it has more of an undulating landscape. However, both are fertile agricultural areas and home to much of the crop agriculture in the state.

An interesting part of the Delta is the Crowley Ridge, which pretty much cuts the Delta in half. It rises at its highest point to about 500 ft.

Arkansas for the most part has a subtropical climate, which is almost humid continental in some of Arkansas’ highland areas. While not bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Arkansas is still close enough for it to be the main weather influence in the state. For the most part, Arkansas has hot summers and mild drier winters.

But despite its subtropical climate, Arkansas is known for extreme weather strikes–on occassion, don’t worry. Since Arkansas is between both the Gulf States and the Great Plains, it recieve about 60 days of thunderstorms. These thunderstorms are rarely dangerous, so don’t let that spoil your plans for auto transport! Also, since Arkansas is a part of Tornado Alley, tornadoes are not uncommon; in fact, a few of the most destructive tornadoes in U.S. history have struck the state.

Since Little Rock is the largest city in the state, auto transport to Arkansas is a breeze. Just call800-930-7417 or go online and fill out our online form and you’ll recieve 10 quotes from companies who would love to help you transport your car to Arkansas.

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