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Freedom Auto Transport Auto Auction Transport

Thinking about buying a car from an online auction? Already won the bid on the vehicle you’ve been hoping to get your hands on? Well, now it's time to figure out the best way to get it delivered to you. Auction transport services are the most reliable means of delivering your car to your home fast and safe.

Oftentimes, online car auctions get more and better bids just by offering to provide auction transport services. If you’re selling a car online, giving your buyers a hassle-free way to get their vehicles after the bidding war is over helps you get even higher bids. Freedom Auto Transport door-to-door auction service gets the job done so you don't have to.

Buying or Selling a Vehicle at an Auction

Why would you need to car shippers to transport an auctioned vehicle instead of simply driving it home? Well, there are various reasons why people hire auction transport services to move their vehicles after their winning bids:

  • Purchased a non-running vehicle
  • Vehicle doesn't have current registration
  • Uninsured at the time of auction purchase or sell
  • Bought from non-local online auction seller
  • Purchased from seller who's out of the area
  • Classic you want to keep intact until delivery
  • Not a fan of long-distance driving
  • Shipping to someone as a very special gift
  • Need to get the car delivered overseas
  • Interested in door-to-door pickup and delivery

Car Auction Shipping Made Simple

Auction shipping can be a bit confusing; heavy load issues, weight rates, transport insurance, etc... At Freedom Auto Transport, we completely understand this. We also understand the ins and outs of auto auction transport services, as well as online auction shipping services. It's our goal to make the entire auction buying and selling process as simple as possible for you.
Bidding on a vehicle at a brick-and-mortar car auction can be quite fun. However, when the bidding ends, and you realize the car isn't drivable or you can't legally move it on the streets, the fun suddenly ends. And, things can be even more difficult when it comes to online car auctions. That's why we work with both buyers and sellers, specializing in online auction transport for online auctions, such as:

  • eBay Motors
  • Copart
  • SmartAuction
  • BSCAmerica
  • PacificAuction
  • SalvageBid
  • AutoTrader
  • TowLot
  • Manheim
  • ABC
  • Many, many more

DOT Certified Auction Transport Services

Our auction transport service companies are experienced, and hire only skilled transporters to ship your car. The car transport services provided by Freedom Auto Transport are fully insured to protect your asset from door-to-door pickup to delivery. Each one of our drivers is licensed to operate car carriers, and our companies are all US Department of Transportation (DOT) certified.

We ship your vehicle the way you choose. These are some of the basic types of auction shipping carriers we provide:

  • Simple Tow Truck
  • Enclosed Car Carrier
  • Open Auto Carrier
  • Flatbed Vehicle Transporter

If you're selling or buying a car at an online auction, or a physical auction location, you'll need it shipped to your location. For some of the most competitive rates in the auction transport industry, call the Reservation Department at Freedom Auto Transport at (888) 509-1102.

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