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Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We ship your safely, and on-time. We’re one of the largest auto transport companies in the country – a spot we’ve earned by providing unbeatable service and great competitive rates.

Delaware Auto Transport Services

At Freedom Auto Transport we believe that you deserve to have your car shipped in a timely, efficient and convenient manner. That is why we dedicate all our energy, time and resources towards ensuring that you have a wonderful experience when moving a car to Delaware. Our automobile shipping services can never be found elsewhere. You’ll also save some cash if you move your car to Delaware with Freedom Auto Transport.

Proof of our reliability can be clearly seen from the high number of people seeking our services each day. Just take a look at what others say about us so that you can know what to expect once you hire us to haul your car. The fact that we operate under authorization from the US Department of Transportation means that you can rely on us to ship your car to or from any city in Delaware. You should also get in touch with us if you want to transport your vehicle overseas to Canada or any country in South America.

Auto Shipping Services in Delaware

Delaware is a mid-Atlantic State with a population of about one million people occupying a total land area of 1948 square miles. The US Census Bureau estimates that an average adult in Delaware takes about 25 minutes to get to work each day. Therefore, if you’re thinking of relocating to Delaware, you have to ship your car. This is because you’ll need the car so as to get to your workplace in time. With our vehicle Transportation Company you can rest assured that your car will arrive in Delaware in time so that you don’t get inconvenienced in any way.

According to official government statistics, there were more than 70,000 firms registered in Delaware as of 2007. This means that there are vast business and employment opportunities in the ‘Diamond State.’ If you want to exploit all these opportunities, just move your car with Freedom Auto Transport.

Why Choose Freedom Auto Transport

Freedom Auto Transport offers exclusive car hauler services that can never be found elsewhere. Some of our services include auction car transportation, dealer auto transport, military vehicle transport, professional athlete transport, exotic car transportation, classic vehicle transport and seasonal vehicle transportation. You should also contact us if you just bought a car online but don’t have the time to move it to Delaware.

With our firm, you get to decide whether to pay via wire transfer or your debit card. You can also log in to your PayPal account and settle the vehicle transportation fees. Remember that you’re not required to pay any cash unless you’ve been allocated a carrier.

To ship your car to or from Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Bear or Middletown, just fill the form on this page. You can also call us on 1-888-509-1102 for more information about the vehicle transportation services offered by Freedom Auto Transport.

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