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Are you in the process of relocating to or from the State of Florida? Well, if you plan on getting around, you’re going to need your car. And, depending on how far you’re moving to or from, it’s more than likely more cost efficient to use an auto shipper than to drive.

Auto transporting allows you to put your vehicle in the hands of professional auto transporters. That frees you up to worry about other things, such as moving into your new home and settling into your new job. The last thing you want is to end up with no car because your relocation travel didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

3 Reasons to Transport Car to Florida or from Florida VS Driving

  • Safer than Driving Across Country ‚Äì Driving to relocate from or to Florida means taking a chance of having an accident on the road. This could mean moving to a new state with no transportation at all. An auto transport carrier is obligated to guaranteeing your vehicle‚Äôs safe arrival all the way to your front door. The car move specialists at Freedom Auto Transport offer this guarantee, along with affordable insurance. So, your national car shipping will cover the cost of damage to your vehicle during the auto shipping process.
  • No Break Downs on the Road ‚Äì Breaking down is another factor that sends people swarming to interstate car shipping companies. If your vehicle has mechanical issues, a cross country drive could be the death of your car. It makes so much more sense to have it shipped to or from Florida, then have a mechanic check it out after the ‚Äúu ship‚Äù process is complete.
  • Cuts Car Wear and Tear ‚Äì Shipping a car across country means exactly zero amount of wear and tear during your Florida move. Freedom Auto Transport companies offer door-to-door car transportation service. A trustworthy, experienced driver will pick up your vehicle at your home or office, and delivery to any specified location at the other end of your move.

About Florida and Commuting to Work and School

As of 2010, according to the US Census Bureau, the state of Florida consists of more 53,624 square miles of land. With so many world-famous places to visit, such as Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center and Aquatica‚Ñ¢ SeaWorld’s Waterpark, you‚Äôre going to need reliable transportation.

Then, there’s the issue of commuting to school and/or work each day. Many college students in Florida can’t afford to live on camp, while others simply don’t want to. And, according to the 2010 Census report, from 2008-2012, workers 16-years or older travelled an average of 25.8 miles to work within the state of Florida every day. This number has only increased since then.

These stats are proof that most people living in Florida must find a way to commute to and from work and school each day. Car transportation to FL is key when relocating to the Sunshine State. And, with a name like that, why would anyone want to be stuck without a car?

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Relocating out of Florida can be just as hectic when moving across the country or state to state. Make sure your vehicle survives the move so you can accomplish your goals as soon as you arrive in your new home state.

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