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Best Heavy Hauling Equipment Transport

Freedom Auto Transport Heavy Hauling

Heavy equipment transport requires a specialized carrier that can manage the stress of heavy hauling. Tractor and crane transport require the experience and equipment that only a professional equipment transportation company can offer. Not just any carrier will do for transporting oversized machinery and heavy equipment. Freedom Auto Transport has partnerships throughout the United States. Our heaving hauling carrier companies are experienced with over-dimensional projects requiring multi-axle trailers, crane shipping, tractor transport, and more. Plus, we offer very competitive prices for heavy hauling services.

We provide heavy hauling services to and from anywhere in the United States. Providing our customers with customized services is what we do. If you need crane transport, tractor transport or equipment transport, we are the best for the job. Our state-of-the-art specialized carriers support loads up to 500 tons. And, we take full responsibility for identifying the best route necessary to get your heavy load to its destination. We can also help with various wide load and heavy hauling permit requirements when needed.

What is heavy hauling? Technically, it’s any type of structure or equipment transport requiring permits for overweight and over-dimensional loads. Some of types of heavy hauling include:

  • Crane Shipping
  • Tractor Shipping
  • Shipping Dozers
  • Transporting Wheel Loaders
  • House Transport

Types of Heavy Hauling Equipment

How are heavy hauls transported? Here at Freedom Auto Transport, we have access to thousands of heavy haulers and experienced drivers. This gives us the ability to provide the type of specialized hauling equipment needed for any heavy hauling project. Some of our carriers include:

  • Removable Goose Neck Trailers
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Power Only Trucks
  • Self-Propelled Trailer
  • Stepdeck Trailers
  • Double Drop Trailers
  • Vans – Up to 53 Feet
  • 6-Axle, 6-Line Trailers
  • 2-Axle, 2-Axle with Pans, 2-Axle with Sides, 2-Axle Stretch Trailers
  • 3-Axle, 9-Axle, 11-Axle, 13-Axle, 19-Axle, Dual Lane 19-Axle Trailers
  • Specialty Trailers – Dollies, Beam, Outer Perimeter

Shipping heavy loads and oversized equipment should be done by professional carriers. Our heavy haulers have the training needed to understand the complexity of the job. They also have the experience needed to carry out the job and complete the project on time.

Meeting DOT and Freedom Auto Transport Standards

All of our drivers and partner heavy hauling companies meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). These requirements and safety standards have been put in place by the federal government in order to keep drivers, consumers and anyone on the road safe. We make it our duty to comply with these standards each and every day.

Every driver affiliated with Freedom Auto Transport is equipped with the tools needed for safely transporting heavy hauls and oversized loads. Drivers are also fully-insured according to the standards set-forth by our own company policies. We also provide optional specialty insurance upon request. Our haulers are licensed to operate throughout the United States. We haul across the city or state, from state-to-state and across the country.

No Upfront Payment and Payment Options Available

We’ll gladly make you a no-money down appointment reservation to haul your heavy load. All you have to do is call the Freedom Auto Transport Reservation Department at 888-509-1102. Or, complete the vehicle shipping quote form on this page. No money is required, whatsoever, until you’re assigned to a heavy hauling carrier.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and other major credit cards. Our carriers also accept debit cards, prepaid debit cards, PayPal, bank and wire transfers. Need to pay for your heavy hauling in two split payments? We can do that, too. Complete our vehicle shipping form for competitive rates on heavy hauling today.