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Military Auto Transport

Freedom Auto Transport Military Vehicle Shipping

Freedom Auto Transport is extremely grateful for your service. In return, we do everything in our power to make your transition as stress free as possible. Whether it be a PCS/ETS move, Home of Record move, or just a personal shipment, we strive to make it as inexpensive as possible for our service members.

PCS (Permanent Change of Station) & ETS(End Term of Service) Auto Transport

One thing is very important to remember when changing duty stations, no matter what branch of the service you are a member of, they will not cover the shipment of your personally owned vehicle (POV) to CONUS (Continental United States) locations. Household goods transportation department will not arrange your vehicle transport unless travelling to an OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) location or base. You are personally responsible for picking your own auto transportation company. Freedom Auto Transport is experienced with the military auto transport process, because some of our car shipping agents have gone through the process themselves.

Keep in mind, military bases are extremely hard to gain access to, especially for an auto transport carrier with a trailer full of vehicles that must be inspected at the gate. It is best to arrange a pickup or delivery location off post. Wal-Mart parking lots provide a great location for the auto transport drivers to meet you, as they are always close to the gate of your base. Our network carriers are experienced with military auto transport and will help accommodate your changing schedule.

Home of Record Auto Transport

Are you sending your vehicle back home before deployment? A common misconception is that you must be present to accept delivery. This is not a reality. Any member of your family can accept your vehicle on your behalf. Any member of your unit can make the vehicle available for pickup as well if your are not able. The only requirement is that they are over the age of 18 and capable of signing the bill of lading (vehicle inspection report). Make sure you trust the party assigned to do an inspection of the vehicle on both pickup and delivery.

Personal Auto Transports

We do not need a copy of your orders to apply a military discount to your auto transport. As a thank you for your service we extend a discount to any veteran, active duty or prior service member. Contact us prior to booking so we can apply your military discount.

Reporting to First Duty Station

After Basic Training, you will be reporting to a new duty station and entering an atmosphere you will be unfamiliar with. Most soldiers are given 2 weeks of leave prior to reporting to your first duty station. Once you report you will spend between 1-2 weeks in orientation before being assigned to your actual unit. During this time it is extremely hard to be available to personally accept delivery of your vehicle during normal duty hours. In some cases you will be not be allowed to leave post until completing this process. We are experienced with the process, as some of our agents have been through it themselves.

Alaska and Hawaii Military Auto Transport

We service all 50 states and any military base within those states. We can arrange to have your vehicle placed on a cargo ship from most of the major islands in Hawaii as well as any of the major ports in Alaska. Once they have reached the continental United States, they will be transported via auto carrier to your home of record or your new duty assignment. One thing to take into consideration when shipping from Alaska or Hawaii is the transport time on the cargo ship. Average transport time is 14-21 days from the time the cargo ship leaves the port to arriving in the port on the continental United States.