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New York Auto Transport Services

New York Freedom Auto Transport

Are you planning to move to New York? Are you planning to move to another state from New York? No matter what your final destination is, we at Freedom Auto Transport can help your vehicle get there. Our vehicle transporters specialize in shipping cars to New York and every other state in the country. We also do international shipping, including overseas.

Shipping a Car to or from New Jersey

Auto Shipping Services in New York

We at Freedom Auto Transport are proud to be an auto transport company with a wide range of shipping options. Choose from open or enclosed transport. We also ship everything from golf carts to cars to trailers. We even offer international shipping and a special tracking service. You’ll always know where your shipment is and that it’s safe with us.

People in New York seem to always be hustling and bustling about. Here are just a few of the ways they also get around The Big Apple when they don’t have their own cars:

  • On foot
  • In taxis
  • By bus
  • By subway

But, if you’re new in town, this could be rough. So, it would be so much better for you to move a car during your relocation. Interested in moving more than just your car when you relocate to New York (or from New York)? These are some of the types of vehicles we transport:

  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Buses
  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Golf Carts
  • Empty Trailers
  • Cargo Trailers
  • Heavy Cargo
  • Wide Loads

5 Tips and Tricks for Cars Shipping to New York

Are you thinking about driving your car across country? Let Freedom Auto Transport drivers will know everything there is to know about auto transportation in New York. Here’s just a few of our tips and tricks:

  • Do Uship, Don‚Äôt Drive ‚Äì We transport our vehicles by open transport or enclosed transport. It‚Äôs much safer than driving and can help avoid the costs of dangerous, unexpected accidents that can happen all too often on the open road.
  • Use Insured Car Carrier ‚Äì We insure all of our vehicle carriers and shipments.
  • Hire Door-to-Door Vehicle Transporters ‚Äì Our policy is to guarantee door-to-door delivery of your car in the same condition we picked it up in.
  • Go with Experience ‚Äì Our transport professionals are trained in house and tested again and again until they meet our high standards. We believe in excellence for the car delivery process from beginning to the end.
  • International Shipping ‚Äì Maybe you‚Äôre going to a different country. We provide interstate, as well as international car shipping services too.

New York Car Transport Rates

Freedom Auto Transport ensures that our auto transportation services are cheap. We also have a no upfront payment policy. So, you pay nothing until your vehicle carrier is assigned.

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