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South-Carolina Auto Transport Services

Auto Shipping Services in South Carolina (SC)

Freedom Auto Transport is one of the most reliable, trusted and efficient vehicle transporter in South Carolina. We offer car hauler services and understand the ins and outs of US auto transportation. This is part of the reason why our experts are very efficient when shipping a car to South Carolina or and other state or country. If you’re moving to South Carolina, or out of the state, we’re the vehicle shippers to call.

Vehicle Shipping in South Carolina and Internationally

The fact that we are licensed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) means that we can ship a vehicle from state to state without restrictions. Our vehicle shippers obeys the regulations of the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).

We also offer auto shipping services internationally to Canada, Mexico and all the other countries in Central and South America. The high number of clients seeking our services each day is a clear indication that they trust our car transportation services. With us, a car will be shipped to or from South Carolina and delivered without a single scratch.

Cheap Car Transportation in the US

If you want to save some cash, there is no better way of doing it than choosing Freedom Auto Transport. Our rates are cheap and flexible whether your want to ship a car from city to city, county to county, state to state or country to country. The auto shipping rate will be dependent on the shipping distance and the type of carrier:

  • The open automobile carrier is the cheapest way of transporting a car to any of the cities and towns in South Carolina including Columbia, Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Rock Hill. With this auto transportation option, the carrier can accommodate up to 10 cars.
  • You can also decide to go for the enclosed auto transportation carrier. This type of carrier protects your car from flying objects, the heat of the sun and any other object that might damage your car.

Regardless of the type of carrier, you can rest assured that your automobile will be shipped safely.

Payment Options and Cost of Shipping a Car

One of the reasons as to why we are the best shippers is because we don’t have a fixed payment option. You are also not obliged to pay unless you have been allocated a carrier. If you’re so busy to go to the bank, you can decide to pay online via PayPal. We also accept all the major debit cards.

Types of Vehicles We Ship

You can rely on us to ship your:

  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Forklift
  • ATV
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Sports utility vehicle
  • Any other type of moving or non-operational vehicle

Who Uses Our Move a Car Services

We offer our shipping services

  • Professional athletes
  • Auctioneers and auction winners
  • Online car buyers
  • Seasonal shippers
  • Military personnel
  • Auto dealers
  • Corporations

Get an Auto Transportation Online Quote

Before making up your mind about when to have your car shipped, get an auto transportation quote. Click here or call us on 1-888-509-1102 if you have any question or for more information about services offered by Freedom Auto Transport.

You have to decide whether you want your car to be shipped on an enclosed or open auto carrier:

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