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Virginia Auto Transport Services

Auto Shipping Services in Virginia

Planning on moving to Virginia, but dreading taking that long distance drive? Or, are you relocating to another state from Virginia and looking for a way to move a car other than driving it? Freedom Auto Transport will ship a car for you across the state of Virginia, to another state or even out of the country.

Throughout the South Atlantic region of the United States, no auto shipping company offers better services than Freedom Auto Transport. We understand that you need to ship your car as quickly as possible, so it’s at your destination by the time you arrive. Our car movers also understand that you want car shipping across the country to be done in an efficient and structured manner.

Moving a Car to or from Virginia

Freedom Auto Transport is a vehicle transportation company with branches throughout the United States. We are therefore the most reliable state to state auto transporter in this country. In Virginia, you’ll find us in Richmond, Arlington, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and also in all the other towns there.

Thinking of shipping your car to the state known as The Old Dominion and The Mother of Presidents. You don’t need to think further than Freedom Auto Transport. You can also get in touch with us if you want to ship your car overseas, to Mexico or to Canada.

Virginia’s Flexible and Cheap Car Hauler

At Freedom Auto Transport, we allow our clients to choose the type of automobile transportation carriers they wish to hire. This means that you’ll have a say on whether your car is shipped to Virginia on an open carrier or enclosed carrier.

  • If you decide to go for the enclosed auto carrier, you‚Äôll be sure that your car will be shielded from bad weather and flying particles.
  • However, an open transportation carrier is the cheapest option for those who are keen on saving up to the last cent.

You can also get in touch with us if you want to ship your oversized hauls or heavy loads across the United States.

Payment Options for Door-to-Door Car Shipping Services

When it comes to payment options, we are the most flexible car hauler. You just need to go online and get your automobile shipping quote. After you’ve been assigned a carrier, you can go ahead and pay via PayPal, wire transfer or any major credit or debit card.

We make paying for your door-to-door shipping as simple as possible. This helps to keep prices down, saving you money on the auto shipping cost. Plus, you don’t pay anything upfront. You only pay after you’ve been assigned a car shipping carrier.

Types of Vehicles Moved by Freedom Auto Transport

One of the best things about us is that you don’t have to worry about the type, model or make of your car. We basically ship all cars from anywhere in the US to and from the state of Virginia, including:

  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Sports utility vehicles
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Classics
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Forklifts
  • Golf carts
  • Motorcycles
  • Any other type of vehicle

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