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Washington Auto Transport Services

Auto Shipping Services in Washington

Are you planning to move to the state of Washington or to any other state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States? For easier mobility you must have a car during your stay in the ‘Evergreen State’. You don’t have to sell your car and then buy a new one once you’ve settled in Washington. You will save so much money by simply shipping your car.

It’s safer to avoid driving the car all the way from your current home to your new home in Washington. Drive the car for long distances, and you can easily end up in an accident, or fall asleep behind the wheel due to exhaustion. If you decide to drive all the way to Washington, you’ll be increasing your car mileage and hence reducing its lifespan.

State and Federally Regulated Car Shippers

At Freedom Auto Transport, we are here to ensure that you don’t drive your car for long distances. We are an automobile shipping company with branches throughout the entire United States.

Our car hauler services are regulated federally by the US Department of Transportation. This means that we can ship from one state to another without restrictions or delays. If you want to visit Canada for a few weeks or months, you don’t have to drive across the border. Our vehicle transportation company also ships cars overseas. We also follow the state regulations and guidelines of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Safe and Timely Auto Transportation Services

Since Freedom Auto Transport was established, we have made it our mission to never compromise our safety standards. We make sure that all cars are properly fastened on the vehicle carriers. Our drivers are also well trained and highly experienced. This means that there is minimal probability of an accident occurring when your car is being handled by Freedom Auto Transport.

If you want a time conscious car shipping company, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Even when working on short notices, we always ensure that a car is shipped across the country in a timely manner. We are always on standby to start transporting your car if you want it shipped as soon as possible. And, we provide door-to-door vehicle transport services.

Hassle-Free, Risk-Free Auto Transporters

When transporting a car to Washington or any other part of the United States, it’s possible that an accident can occur. However, you have nothing to worry about if your car is being handled by Freedom Auto Transport. Even if something happens to your car, you still don’t have to worry about it because all our carriers are fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Call us on 1-888-509-1102 or click here to start the process of transporting your automobile to Washington. We handle all types of cars including, ATVs, SUVs, RVs, buses, trucks, tractors, golf carts and motorcycles.

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