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    • Welcome To Freedom Auto Transport

      Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We ship your vehicle safely, and on-time. We’re one of the largest auto transport companies in the country – a spot we’ve earned by providing unbeatable service and great competitive rates.

    Our services

    Freedom Auto Transport requires absolutely No Payment until your vehicle is ASSIGNED to a Carrier!

    Open Transport

    Open auto transport is the most common type of car shipping service. Open car transporters are those two-story and three-story, multiple car haulers commonly seen driving down the road.

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    Enclosed Transport

    This is for the higher end cars or vehicles that are too low to the ground to drive onto an open trailer. Have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will now be exposed to any of the outside elements.

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    Classic Auto Transport

    Freedom Auto Transport is an industry leader in classic, exotic, luxury and vintage car transportation.

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    Exotic Auto Transport

    Trying to get an irreplaceable exotic car from one location to the next?

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    Motorcycle Transport

    Motorcycle shipping is a reliable way to get your bike across the world, the country or town. It gives bikers a safe way to transport motorcycles when driving just isn’t an option.

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    Golf Cart Transport

    Need to have your golf cart transported from one location to the next? At Freedom Auto Transport, we will transport your golf cart to any city, county or state in the entire US.

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    Trailer Transport

    Freedom Auto Transport gets your trailer from door-to-door safely at competitive prices.

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    International Shipping

    Internationally vehicle shipping refers to moving cars from one country to the next.

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    Auction Transport

    Auction transport services are the most reliable means of delivering your car to your home fast and safe.

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    They were not the least expensive carrier service option, but the customer service was very good. The vehicle was picked up and delivered as promised. I was able to obtain status information with great ease. All of the parties were very friendly.