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Auto Shipping Routes: From Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas

When you begin looking for a company that can provide you auto shipping from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas it shouldn’t be hard. But once you start looking for companies to transport your vehicle, things can start to get a little overwhelming. There are so many options! How do you know who to choose? That’s where Freedom Auto Transport comes in, our entire goal is to make the process of transporting your vehicle to Dallas easy and very predictable. We believe that auto transportation from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas should be a seamless and hassle-free process. We’ve got you covered, when you choose Freedom Auto Transport as your auto hauler, you can be rest assured that your vehicle will travel from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas safely and will stay in pristine condition during transit. If you’re thinking about shipping a vehicle to or from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas or anywhere in the US or Internationally, Freedom Auto Transport has all your auto transportation needs covered! Since we’ve been in business since 2010 or experience and quality of service is second-to-none when it comes to vehicle transportation. We focus on making it easy for you to worry about your move and know that your vehicle is in great hands with Freedom Auto Transport.


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8 Steps to expect when transporting your vehicle from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas:

  • Step 1 – Free Quote: Easiest way to receive your free quote is to call one of our Transportation Specialists at {toll_free}.
  • Step 2 – Trailer Type: Select which trailer type you would like your vehicle to be hauled on to or from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas. We offer multiple trailer types for open and enclosed options.
  • Step 3 - Transport Date: Select when you would like for your vehicle to be transported from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas.
  • Step 4 – Select Driver: Our dispatch department will then begin locating drivers that are going from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas or nearby with available trailer space. Our dispatch department will then will reach out to you and provide all available options, which you will choose which works best for you!
  • Step 5 - Pickup: The assigned driver will contact you directly and set up a window of time he or she will arrive to Dallas, Texas to pick up your vehicle. At the time of pick up the driver will fill out a vehicle inspection report (better known as BOL or bill of lading) showing the condition the vehicle is currently in prior to loading.
  • Step 6 – Transit Time: Based on the number of miles from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas you should expect your vehicle to take {delivery_window} from the date of pickup. Expedited options are available, feel free to speak with your agent about available options such as time critical or team driver options.
  • Step 7 – Delivery: When the driver gets close to Texas is when he or she will start to schedule their deliveries. You should expect a call about 24 hours in advance to set up a window of time to execute the delivery in Dallas, Texas. On delivery is when the final portion of the BOL is completed to ensure the vehicle arrived in the same condition it was picked up (please note that on cross country shipments that go on open trailers, the vehicle(s) may arrive a little dirty, nothing that a simple wash can’t fix).
  • Step 8 – Review: The most important element when dealing with Freedom Auto Transport is to know that we CARE about what you think. We want to make sure that we are without a doubt providing you with the absolute best service possible. So we ask that after your vehicle is picked up from Boston, Massachusetts and delivered to Dallas, Texas, you share your experience with others by publishing a happy 5 star review on one of the major review sites like - Google, Yelp, Transport Reviews, BBB etc. This helps us so much!

Boston to Dallas Route Details and Map

Why Select Freedom Auto Transport to Ship your Vehicle to Dallas, Boston

The difference between Freedom Auto Transport and many of the other auto transport and car shipping companies is the level of service and angle that we offer, it’s hard to keep up with the time we’re willing to put in to make sure you’re satisfied with your time spent with us. Other auto shipping companies tend not to give you all the information upfront regarding the total cost of transport from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas and are just worried about what your credit card number is. At Freedom Auto Transport we believe that if we answer all of your questions professionally, provide you with competitive up front, all-inclusive pricing and you know that we are always available for you by phone and email, everything else will be a no brainer. We understand that this is not just a piece of mail you’re looking to ship from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas it’s your vehicle!

Freedom Auto Transport Services from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas:

  1. Open Transport: This is our most popular option for auto shipping. It is our cheapest option for transport cars, trucks, or SUV’s. It is also our quickest option for auto transportation. There are roughly 19,000 qualified open auto transport carriers in our network. If your vehicle has enough ground clearance to drive onto an open trailer, then Open Auto Transport is probably the best and most affordable option to ship your vehicle!
  2. Enclosed Transport: This is our ‘’white glove’’ service for exotic cars, classic vehicles, higher end vehicles or vehicles that are just too low to the ground to drive onto an open trailer safely.
  3. Exotic Auto Transport: When hauling exotic vehicles ground clearance is always a concern, therefore we make sure the equipment can handle any type of vehicle you need to ship.
  4. Classic Auto Transport: We have a soft spot for the older vehicles that require reliable shipping, especially Antique Vehicles or Vintage. We typically will use trailers with lift gates or extended ramps to ensure the risk of damage is extremely low.
  5. Motorcycle Transport: We offer open and enclosed Motorcycle shipping options. Both are very safe are reasonably priced methods. We make sure that with either option the drivers trailers are specifically designed to handle shipping your Motorcycle safely. The trailers are normally equipped with front wheel chucks or have D-rings on the floor to make sure the driver can safely secure and strap your motorcycle for a stress-free shipment.
  6. Golf Cart Transport: We haul all types of golf carts. From personal lifted golf carts to 300 golf course carts.
  7. Trailer Transport: We can move any trailers you throw at us. Whether it is a 6' utility trailer or a 53' reefer trailer. We can provide Power Only where a driver would hook up to your king pin, goose neck, or ball hook up and haul it to its destination. Or we can load your trailer On trailer with a flat deck trailer, drop deck trailer, step deck trailer, RGN trailer or lowboy trailer and haul it to its destination.
  8. International Shipping: We handle all aspects of international auto shipping, importing or exporting from containers to Roll on Roll off services, we have got you covered!
  9. Auction Transport: If you purchase a vehicle from an auction, more than likely it will be out of state. We pick up from ALL the auctions out there, including Ebay Motors, Copart, IAAI, Richie Bros, Iron Planet, Gov Deals, GSA Auctions, Manheim, Mecum, Barret Jackson, NPA, and many other Auctions all across the USA.
  10. RV Transport: We can provide a few different service options for RV Transport. Our most popular is Power only this is where a driver would hook up to your fifth wheel, travel trailer, or popup and haul it to its destination. Drive away services are for your class A, B, C motorhome or bus that are in running condition. On trailer is when we send out either a flat deck trailer, drop deck trailer, step deck trailer, RGN trailer or lowboy trailer.
  11. Boat Transport: We can safely transport your PWC (personal watercraft), Power, Sport, Sail Boat, Cruiser, or Yacht. We have Power only services where the driver would hook up to your boat trailer and haul it to its destination. We can load your boat or boat and trailer On trailer using a flat deck trailer, drop deck trailer, step deck trailer or for larger boats without a trailer we can use RGN trailers that are set up for Oversize Boat Hauling or Lowboy trailer set up for Oversize Boat Shipping. Oversea is for Yachts that are too large to be transported on road. From just about any boat size from a dingy to a yacht we have options for.
  12. Flatbed or Heavy Hauling: When vehicles are too heavy or too tall for a standard car hauler, we bring out the big toys!
  13. Military Auto Transport: From our name, you can probably tell that we hold our military pretty high! We offer discounts for ALL active and retired military.
  14. Seasonal Shippers: We welcome all snowbirds traveling from north east to south east or vice versa, we have affordable auto transport options for you.
  15. Fleet Transport: From OEM manufactures to large corporations, we offer highly discounted fleet transport services.
  16. Dealer Transport: If you have 1 vehicle or 1000, we work with dealers of all sizes.
  17. College Moves: When moving to a new town for College, you will need a car to get around. We have services specifically designed to save as much as possible on shipping.
  18. Professional Athletes: We have moved vehicles for all types of celebrities and professional athletes.
  19. Corporate Relocation: If you are moving for a job with a great company, chances are they are paying for it. We can supply all proper documentation for reimbursement.
  20. Heavy Hauling: We provide heavy hauling services to and from anywhere in the United States. Providing our customers with customized services is what we do. If you need crane transport, tractor transport or equipment transport, we are the best for the job. Our state-of-the-art specialized carriers support loads up to 500 tons. Some of types of heavy hauling include:
    • a) Crane Shipping
    • b) Tractor Shipping
    • c) Dozers Shipping
    • d) Excavator Shipping
    • e) Wheel Loader Shipping
  21. Meeting DOT and Freedom Auto Transport Standards: All of our carriers, drivers and partners for standard for hire or heavy hauling companies meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). The federal government has set these requirements and safety standards in order to keep drivers, consumers, and anyone on the road safe. We make it our duty to comply with these standards every day. Our haulers are licensed to operate throughout the United States.


We’re proud of our A+ reputation with the BBB (Freedom Auto Transport BBB Rating) from transporting vehicles from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas and all across the US and even Overseas Shipping. We’ve made it our mission to make it extremely easy to get a no-obligation free quote from us. Just fill out the brief instant quote form and get your custom instant online quote right now within seconds, or give us a call {toll_free} and speak with a live transportation specialist that can go over any questions you may have with transporting your vehicle from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas our staff is highly-trained, friendly staff will provide you with all of the answers to make your auto transportation process go smoothly. Call us today at {toll_free} and see how Freedom Auto Transport can make your auto transportation process easier.

Some FAQ’s you might have when transporting your vehicle from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas


Yes, included in your estimate will allow to transport up to 100 lbs in the trunk or storage compartment of the vehicle. When packing items inside the vehicle make sure that you properly secure the items to ensure no damage is caused to the interior due to movement during transportation. Freedom Auto Transport will not be liable for damage caused to the items or interior during transit. Make sure items are below window level and the rear seats are always in the upright position. In the event you are needing to transport more than the included 100 lbs, additional fees can be negotiated with the potential driver at the time of dispatch. There is no specific set fee, it’s completely at the driver’s discretion. But we have found that $50-$100 bucks normally takes care of any additional items that you might consider putting inside the vehicle.


We strive to provide convenience for making payments. That is why we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Bank Wire, ACH, Certified or Company Check or of course Cash. A small amount of the total Payment is taken at the time of Dispatch and the balance will be paid directly to the driver on pick up or delivery.


Yes, Freedom Auto Transport will schedule your shipment to be picked up in Boston, Massachusetts directly from your home, business, storage, auction, dealership, or any convenient, safe and accessible location, then deliver it safely to you in Dallas, Texas, directly to your door or location of your choice.


Yes, your vehicle will be covered up to the full value once loaded onto the driver’s trailer in Boston, Massachusetts. Any of the carriers we use must have an up to date insurance policy to be approved in our network. Please note that you are still required to carry your own vehicle insurance during transit. That way in event your vehicle will undoubtedly be covered the entire way from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas if anything arises.

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